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The Special line, is our latest price hit. The line is dedicated to those who are looking for a tasty and healthy steak at an affordable price. We meet the expectations of people who want to regularly provide their bodies with high-quality protein in their daily diet without significantly affecting the thickness of their wallets.

These steaks have a low fat content and the dry-aging process has been shortened to 21 days, so they have an intense blood-meat flavour and a 'rough' texture, while still retaining a relatively high level of tenderness and overall good flavour, making them superior to supermarket steaks. They are prepared in a small weight and are perfect for a meal for one person.

The Special line, is a great option for anyone who appreciates a healthy and tasty protein at an attractive price. It is the ideal choice for gourmets who want to experiment, families, people on a keto diet and those who are just starting out with beef.

Nie znaleziono produktów spełniających podane kryteria.

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