Juicy, full of flavour and aroma, steak is for many people the symbol of a successful barbecue with friends. Sama myśl o nim rozbudza apetyt zarówno u doświadczonych smakoszy, którzy z niejednego grilla stek jedli, jak i u osób zaczynających swoją pasjonującą przygodę z wołowiną. Pojawia się jednak pytanie: w jaki sposób przekuć tę przyjemną dla kubków smakowych wizję w rzeczywistą uciechę dla zmysłów? Rozwiązanie jest proste – wystarczy zaopatrzyć się w wołowinę premium z naszego sklepu! For an attractive price, you can buy selected, high-quality beef straight from the butcher with us. This meat is of the same quality as that sourced from us by upscale restaurants, giving you the chance to prepare dishes straight out of a renowned establishment at home.



Beef steaks - safe and efficient transport throughout Poland

One of the reasons for our success is that we do not freeze our meat. We have developed a special method of transporting beef that allows us to deliver the consignment without exposing the steaks or other beef cuts to any loss of flavour. However, there is absolutely no obstacle to the customer freezing the beef themselves in the original packaging - we believe that less is more and promote the principle that it is better to order less or freeze surplus than to waste food.


Premium beef straight from the local producer

Not far from Warsaw is the picturesque, small town of Chobot. It is there, in a place where nature and greenery play the first fiddle, that the family company CHOBOT Meat, born out of passion, produces premium beef, which you can buy in our shop. This is meat that deserves to be called 100% beef, without any additives, GMO-free, antibiotics and hormones. The plant is HACCP and IFS certified, and every stage of production taking place there is subject to strict veterinary inspection, so we can guarantee the safety of our meat.

Polish beef steaks and more - what can you find in our range?

For grill masters, beef steaks are usually something special, and preparing them reaches the rank of a ritual. Lovers of this noble meat also enjoy its other culinary uses. In our shop, everyone will find the right beef for their needs!

A real pearl in our offer are as many as three lines of dry-aged beef steaks differing in the level of marbling, i.e. infiltration of meat with fat. We offer seasoned steaks from various elements of ox, including:

  • entrecote steaks,
  • roast beef steaks,
  • sirloin steaks.

Also of particular note are the steak sets, which allow you to try several steaks and establish your taste preferences.

In addition to seasoned steaks, the following are very popular:

  • fresh beef steaks,
  • beef on dishes,
  • beef offal.

Are you interested in high-quality beef - the perfect meat for steaks - and wondering where to buy it at a good price?

Feel free to contact us!

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