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One dish that is held in special esteem among grill masters is beef tenderloin steak.This noble element of beef has fully earned its excellent reputation. Steaks from beef tenderloin delight gourmets with their tenderness and tenderness, as well as their richness of flavor. The huge load of sensory experience enclosed in each piece of this meat makes dishes prepared on its basis an important item on the menu of many exclusive restaurants. Beef tenderloin steak is also very often the nail on the grill for lovers of meat delicacies.

The tenderloin comes from the hindquarter. It is a long and narrow muscle, going along the back of the animal. One of the most prized and desirable parts of beef. Tenderloin meat is very tender, soft and requires short heat treatment.

Are you interested in high-quality, seasoned beef tenderloin steaks? Take a look at our offer!

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Beef tenderloin steak - a true paradise for the palate

Many people who are interested in barbecue culture are aware that beef tenderloin is the meat from which an excellent steak can be made. However, not everyone knows what exactly this element is. Tenderloin for steaks comes from the hind quarter of an ox. The tenderloin is referred to as the long and narrow muscle that extends along the back of the animal. The meat extracted from the tenderloin is characterized by a number of advantages, among which high tenderness and softness stand out in particular. This makes sirloin one of the most prized and desirable cuts of beef. When planning to prepare a sirloin steak, you must remember that it requires a short heat treatment in order to bring out the best from it.

Seasoned beef tenderloin steaks - you try it once, you'll be back for more!

If you want to prepare a good beef tenderloin steak, take care of the high quality of the meat used. In our store we offer dry-aged for a minimum of 30 days sirloin steaks that are sure to please your taste buds. The uniqueness of our offer lies, among other things, in the fact that there are as many as three lines of steaks - Standard, Premium and Extra Marble. What is the difference between the steaks of each line? The criterion for distinguishing them is the degree of marbling, i.e. the level of infiltration of muscle fibers with fat, which is the carrier of flavor in beef. The more marbling adorns the meat, the tastier and more desirable a given cut is.

If you're dreaming of the perfect beef sirloin steak, you can order the legendary Premium Filet Mignon from our store in the weight of your choice - 150, 200 or 300 grams. Is a bigger barbecue coming up, where you want to treat your loved ones with dignity? Then we recommend you a package of 10 beef tenderloin steak + 1 free at a very attractive price. You may also be tempted to try the delicious roast beef steaks containing beef tenderloin - they are available from us:

  • T-Bone steaks with a narrow portion of tenderloin,
  • Porterhouse steaks with a wide portion of sirloin,

belonging to the Standard, Premium and Extra Marble lines.

Beef tenderloin is not the only element of ox from which we can make seasoned steak. Also available from us are, among others, entrecote steaks, which is considered by many connoisseurs to be the best element of ox for refined steaks.

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Line Name



Extra Marble

Seasoning length

minimum 30 days

minimum 30 days

minimum 30 days

Marble Level






These steaks are characterized by a pronounced meat texture, low or no inter-muscular fat content, i.e. no marbling, deep flavor and softness achieved by dry-seasoning.

It is selected from fatty cows and heifers that have developed an infiltration of internal fat during the breeding process. Premium steaks are characterized by a fine meat texture, tenderness, marbling, very deep, sweet, even "nutty flavor", enhanced by dry seasoning.

It is selected from very rare and highly prized pieces, which, thanks to genetic characteristics and the craftsmanship of breeders, have obtained the highest degree of marbling, which is their immanent feature. They are distinguished by their buttery texture and unique natural flavor that is difficult to describe in words.


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