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Cote De Boeuf Extra Marbled Antrikote Steak

Cote De Boeuf Extra Marbled Antrikote Steak
Cote De Boeuf Extra Marbled Antrikote Steak

Stek z częściowo odkostnionego antrykotu.

Cena: 131,60 zł
32,90 zł /100g

The Prime Line

The prime steak line is designed for exquisite and refined beef gourmets and those with a high tolerance for extreme inter-muscular fat. The prime beef, which is not widely available in the public market, refers to the structure of Japanese steaks from the Kobe prefecture. It is selected from very rare and highly prized cuts, which, thanks to genetic characteristics and the craftsmanship of the breeders, have achieved the highest degree of marbling, which is their intrinsic characteristic. In addition, prime steaks are distinguished by their buttery texture and unique natural flavour that is difficult to describe in words.

Line name



Extra marble

Seasoning length

minimum 30 days

minimum 30 days

minimum 30 days

Marble level (1-11)





What is marbling can be found here: WHAT IS MARBLING

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