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Rib Eye steaks - just utter those three magic words and the salivary glands of beef gourmets start working with redoubled force. We are really not surprised, because the taste sensation provided by a well-cooked Rib Eye or Tomahawk is unique. However, for a steak to turn out to be a culinary work of art, you need to go for dry-seasoned, high-quality beef. You can find it in our shop, where entrecote steaks seasoned for a minimum of 30 days are available. During the maturation process, the flavours concentrate in them and the texture of the meat becomes unprecedentedly tender and crisp.

Many beef connoisseurs consider an entrecote steak to be the quintessence of what they love about the meat. Take a look at our range and see for yourself the unique qualities of this beef element.

Cote De Boeuf Extra Marbled Antrikote Steak Cote De Boeuf Extra Marbled Antrikote Steak
Producent: Chobot Meat
Cena: 131,60 zł
32,90 zł/100g
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Steaks of entrecote - a poetry of taste and aroma

Beef entrecote steak has a devoted circle of loyal admirers who consider it the best thing that can rest on the grill. For them, eating a dish prepared in this way is more than just very good food - it is an extraordinary experience that enriches them as gourmets. However, you don't have to be an experienced connoisseur to delight in the qualities of the entree. What is the reason for the phenomenon of this element and what is it actually?

An entrecote is a beef element that, when cut straight, comes from the center of the dorsal part, the front quarter of the beef, while when cut pistol-wise it comes from the center of the dorsal part, the rump quarter of the beef. Beef entrecote is excellent for steak because of its tender muscle fibers, as well as its subtlety and juiciness resulting from its marbled fatty overgrowth.

Seasoned entrecote steaks - a guarantee of an unforgettable taste experience

An entrecote steak is meat that undergoes dry seasoning, during which this beef element matures and acquires the expected tenderness, as well as intensifying its flavor and aroma. We offer three lines of entrecote steaks - Standard, Premium and Extra Marbled, which differ in their level of marbling, i.e. the degree of infiltration of muscle fibers with valuable fat. A higher level of marbling is associated with a richer range of flavors and aromas, as well as an endearing creaminess and tenderness of the meat.

What cuts of entrée are available in our store? You can order from us, among others:

  • Rib Eye - an eye of an entrecote which is a boneless steak,
  • Cote de Boeuf - an entrecote steak with an undersized bone,
  • Tomahawk (Axe) - an entrecote steak with a large bone.

In our offer you will find not only entrecote steak at an attractive price, but also, for example. beef tenderloin steak or roast beef steaks.

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Line Name



Extra Marble

Seasoning length

minimum 30 days

minimum 30 days

minimum 30 days

Marble Level






These steaks are characterized by a pronounced meat texture, low or no inter-muscular fat content, i.e. no marbling, deep flavor and softness achieved by dry-seasoning.

It is selected from fatty cows and heifers that have developed an infiltration of internal fat during the breeding process. Premium steaks are characterized by a fine meat texture, tenderness, marbling, very deep, sweet, even "nutty flavor", enhanced by dry seasoning.

It is selected from very rare and highly prized pieces, which, thanks to genetic characteristics and the craftsmanship of breeders, have obtained the highest degree of marbling, which is their immanent feature. They are distinguished by their buttery texture and unique natural flavor that is difficult to describe in words.

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